About the Young Carers Academy


Hello and welcome to the Young Carers Academy! It’s so wonderful that you’ve decided to visit us and find out about what we’re doing.

Did you know that there are loads of young carers across the world? That’s right – young carers are estimated to be in the billions, and here in the UK we are very lucky to have about 800,000 fantastic, clever, talented young carers, and fortunately some of you have found your way to joining us at the Young Carers Academy.

We know just how fabulous you are, and that not only do you know a lot, but you also have an amazing skillset, are coordinators, problem solvers, budget and people managers, planners, forward thinkers, connectors, leaders and critical thinkers to say the very least – and we want you to join us!

When you join us you’ll find that you become part of the team and that we work together in a way known as ‘co-production’. This means we all get to create, develop and deliver a whole range of things that contribute towards us being our ‘best self’ (which is all about having excellent wellbeing!).

You will also get the chance to work collaboratively with stakeholder organisations and commissioners, too, so everything we do reflects your brilliance. This also helps to discover what you might like to do in terms of work and other training or education.

The Young Carers Academy is based in Wales, UK. We are a not for profit organisation, our ethos and culture is based on achieving sustainable wellbeing, and to achieve this we have adopted Dr Dee Gray’s ‘best self’ model and approach to learning.

Our values

We value everybody who works with us, and we encourage everyone to contribute to our activities.  

We believe in life-long learning and development.

We are committed to openness and trust in all of our relationships.

We also believe in recognising and rewarding everyone in our teams, so that includes young carers and our interns, our associates and volunteers.

We welcome and celebrate diversity and work inclusively.

We encourage and nurture ambition, independence and respect.

What we do

Firstly and foremost we work ‘with’ people, which means we spend lots of time getting to know you and making sure we are all happy working together.

By working together we are able to dream up, design, produce and deliver, and recognise all the things we do.

We have a learning community and networks of people who love to collaborate. This means we can provide opportunities that develop confidence and entrepreneurial mindsets. As everyone is able to face life’s challenges and are able to flourish in the world.

We welcome people to have vocational placements with us as interns, to join our mentorship group, and have a go at opportunities to get to know some fabulous people and organisations across the UK

We are based in Wales, UK, and we have friends across the world!

Who we are


Dr Dee Gray

Dr Richard Edwards

Ursula McDarren


Pamela Luckock

Karina Jones

Soo Rees-Jones

Accounts Manager

Caroll Whitbread

Virtual Assistant

Emily Roberts


Colette Wright

We are open to collaborations, enquiries, and a general chit chat! So please do contact us and let’s get started. We are not restricted to fixed working hours, or where we work, some of our future collaborations will be international, so wherever you are in the world you are welcome to come and be part of the Young Carers Academy.


Developing each of our projects is a team effort and Young Carers are a central part of our team. Our projects usually begin with a conversation that focuses on being your ‘best self’ where we share ideas and get inventive about what we can create together at the Young Carers Academy. You’re welcome to join us in our ‘best self’ conversations, so let’s put the kettle on, have a chat and see how we can work together!

In the meantime, have a look at the amazing projects we have either completed or are currently working on to see what you can get involved with!

Leadership with Young Carers

Leadership – are you a leader? Chances are you will so NO! But I bet you often make big decisions that affect other people, that you often give advice and make time for others too. All of these things are part of being a Leader and we have a great opportunity for you to develop these amazing skills. If you are a young carer and would like to find out more, then become a member, if you are not a young carer and would like to ask us a few questions just fill in our contact form.

Creativity with Penglais Highschool and Rhyl Highschool

Creativity – This joint project joined some amazing young carers at Penglais and Rhyl Highschools, and young artists from Coleg Menai.

Young carers led this dream team which led to the creation of the spectacular branding and logo that you see today!

Read more about it in our blog post here!

Wellbeing with Rhyl High School

Wellbeing – Wellbeing means different things to different people, and in this programme, we discover what wellbeing means to the whole team!

This is an ongoing programme so you can join in at any time.

All you have to do is drop us a message…easy peasy.

Food from Superheroes

Food from Superheroes – in this programme we discover all about which foods keep us well and give us our superpowers.

We don’t just talk about how wonderful food is though! We are also publishing our first book. If you want to find out drop us a line, we would love to talk with you over a cuppa and, of course, some cake! Mmmm!


“The world is better with the Young Carers Academy.”

Young carer, North Wales

“The Young Carers Academy is all about being your best self.”

Young carer, Mid Wales

“We believe we are leaders and with the help of the Young Carers Academy others will recognise that.”

Young carer, South Wales

Did you know that applications are now open to receive a support payment for unpaid carers in Wales?

A one-off payment is available to all eligible unpaid carers in Wales who were in receipt of Carers Allowance on 31st March 2022.

💡Check with your local council for more info💡

Exam season is upon us and stress levels can be incredibly high at this time, especially for #youngcarers

Here are some top tips we gathered to help you tackle and ace your revision!

#gcses2022 #alevels2022 #studying

Check out our latest video and get to know more about our #WellArty project for Young Carers in #Conwy #YoungCarer @ConwyLibraries @GIConwyYS @ysgolycreuddyn @ysgolaberconwy @ysgoldeganwy @Ysgolpyf @YsgolGlanConwy @ConwyCBC https://vm.tiktok.com/ZML3UaVPV/?k=1

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