The Forest

The Forest – Spending time outdoors and enjoying the nature that surrounds us is so important when it comes to wellbeing. This correlation was uncovered during one of our ‘big conversations’ with Young Carers across Wales who said they’d enjoy spending more time camping, learning about vegetation and trees and planting them, too!

Join in with our team of Young Carers, Llais y Goedwig, Natural Resources Wales, The Woodland Trust and National Forest Wales to see how you can benefit from exploring nature and getting outdoors!

Woodland Trust logo - The Land TrustNatural Resources WalesLlais y Goedwig | Community WoodlandsThe National Forest for Wales – The Liminal Forest


Leadership – our young carers leadership programme will embody the courage, commitment and ambition young carers have.

Arweinyddiaeth – bydd ein rhaglen arweinyddiaeth gofalwyr ifanc yn ymgorffori’r dewrder, yr ymrwymiad a’r uchelgais sydd gan ofalwyr ifanc.

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Creativity with Penglais and Rhyl Highschools

Creativity – This was a joint project between Young Carers at Penglais and Rhyl Highschools who became part of our Creative Team here at the Young Carers Academy.

The amazing Young Carers came up with some fabulous ideas for our logo and branding, and with the help of the wonderful young artists at Coleg Menai, we were able to fulfil the Young Carers’ visions and make them a reality – resulting in the branding you see today!

Read more about the success of our Creative Project here!

Creadigrwydd – yn y rhaglen hon byddwn yn datrys problemau ac yn cynhyrchu cyfleoedd trwy feddwl yn greadigol ac yn arloesol.

A huge thank you to our amazing team of Young Carers, Coleg Menai, the Fusion Team at Conwy Council and the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce for making this project a reality and a huge success!

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Wellbeing with Rhyl High School

Wellbeing – in this programme we discovered what wellbeing means to young carers with the help of Young Carers at Rhyl High School.

Lles – yn y rhaglen hon bwriadwn ddarganfod beth mae lles yn ei olygu i ofalwyr ifanc ac fe fyddwn yn nodi’r hyn sy’n wirioneddol bwysig iddyn nhw.


Welcome to the Young Carers Academy! Here’s an insight into one of our fabulous projects, Food from Superheroes! If you’re a young carer, we’d love to know what foods fuel your amazing powers? Let us know! 🍎🍓🌽🥙 #marvel #captainamerica #youngcarer #youngcarers #fyp #foodtiktok #stayhealthy #foodrecipe @ymcacardiffandvaleyc

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Eating healthy, nutritious foods is extremely important. They fuel your body with the energy and vitamins it needs for the day! Broly, Goku and Vegeta know how important maintaining a good diet is! How about you? What are the foods that turn you into a Super Saiyan? 💥 #food #foodtiktok #healthy #youngcarers #youngcarer #dbz #broly #goku #ssj #supersaiyan #fyp #vegeta #dbs #nutrition #recipes

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Food from Superheroes

Food from Superheroes – Which foods make you feel like you can take on the world? In this programme, we discover which foods keep us well and give us our superpowers.

Yn y rhaglen hon rydym yn darganfod popeth am ba fwydydd sy’n ein cadw’n iach, ac yn rhoi ein uwch bwerau inni.

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We are always eager for more collaborations and welcome Young Carers from everywhere, not just in Wales or the UK!

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Thank you to all of the amazing Young Carers and organisations for taking part.