Welcome to the Young Carers Academy

This is the very first blog of the Young Carers Academy, and we are so pleased and proud to share this with you. We have had an interesting and successful 2020, and we round the year off with some changes that mean we are developing and expanding into 2021.

So let’s start with telling you a little bit about us….The Young Carers Academy is new, innovative, creative, bold and simply full of joy. We have a wonderful team of people and are looking forward to bringing more people on board with us as we move forward this year.

The Academy was born out of the work of Dr Dee Gray, who has pioneered ‘best self’ wellbeing and has a track record of working with people who are flourishing during challenging times. Dee has not only been working with carers of all age groups but has been a carer since she was a child. Dee leads on all the co-produced development opportunites/projects, and on the research that underpins all that we do.

In 2020 we had the fabulous Pam Luckock as co-founding Director with Dee, this year sees Pam retiring from her Director role and assuming an Associate role instead. Pam is an expert facilitator and is passionate about co-production so she is the ‘go to’ person in these matters. Pam is also a carer.

Taking up the co-Director role is the rather amazing Dr Richard Edwards! Richard is a highly successful entrepreneur and is passionate about working with and supporting young carers, he knows that there is potential just waiting to blossom and is keen to innovate and lead on our programmes.

We are also blissfully happy to have Caroll Whitbread as our Accounts Manager and Emily Roberts as our V.A. Caroll is an absolute whizz with numbers and has a great business focus, she is also patient, compassionate and likes to laugh…a lot. Caroll has been a carer since she was a child. Emily is just so wonderful, she is smart, efficient, and helpful.

We also have a growing band of Associates, these are our people with specific areas of expertise, who will be working on and co-producing the most engaging and exciting opportunities with young carers.

Last and most of all we have our YOUNG CARERS!!!! Thank you so much for co-producing the projects with us in 2020, we are so looking forward to working with you all this year.

We would like to end this our first blog saying thank you to our sponsors, we couldn’t had done this without you..and with an invitation..We welcome all young carers to be part of our co-produced Young Carers Academy, we welcome collaborators and partners and sponsors. So don’t just sit there…get in touch.

From all of us here at the Young Carers Academy stay calm, be safe and ‘be your best self’!

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